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Tongadive Founder CEO bags the prestigious Tech Entrepreneur Award of the Year

Tongadive CEO recognised with the prestigious Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award by leading business publication Business World.

WESA 2023

Powering Digital Supply Chains of Tomorrow

Evidnt by Tongadive is the most powerful supply chain tracking software combining GS1 Serialisation with Blockchain and AI technologies providing organisations an easy, plug-and-play solution to manage their supply chains.


With Evidnt, organisations can generate serial number formats – numeric, alpha-numeric, sequential or random numbers, to meet a variety of requirements. Evidnt supports complex features such as hexadecimal or random probability. When twined with GTIN codes, this provides a Serialisation format compliant with universally accredited compliance requirements. The software does extensive verification for data quality before commissioning, including but not limited to, checking for duplicates and formats for each packing level.


Evidnt provides a tracking information of the package from serial number commissioning to decommissioning as per the tracking visibility rules defined by the admin user – including end-to-end and point-to-point. This package journey data is made immutable through the application of Permissioned Blockchain (Digital Ledger Technology) giving the admin complete control of their supply chain. The tracking data is kept on a secure cloud for the duration determined by the admin.


Compliance audits, internal and external, are a key requirement that organisations dealing in supply chain need to content with. Evidnt provides a powerful ‘Audit on a Click’ feature, providing organisations the ability to generate tracking reports on the click of a button with details on commissioning, packing, shipment, receiving, aggregation and decommission.


Combining Serialization based tracking with Neural Networks (Artificial Intelligence) based projections, Evidnt is able to provide crucial information to organisations for accurate Demand Forecasting.

Consulting Services

With a team that combines decades of experience in Data Quality, Supply Chain in various industry contexts, Strategy and Management Consulting, Tongadive provides a comprehensive suite of consulting/ professional services to help organisations conceptualize, build and improve their supply chains for the requirements of tomorrow – from compliance to sustainability with the clever use of digital technologies.

Commitment to Sustainable Supply Chains


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