Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals, or medicines, represent the most frequent intervention in people’s lives by healthcare system. The healthcare industry constitutes nearly 10 percent of global GDP and Pharmaceutical sector is the largest component of this industry. At nearly US $ 200 billion per annum, counterfeit pharmaceuticals represent the largest sector within fraudulent goods market. The socio-economic impact of this is far reaching – from nearly 1 million deaths reported by WHO every year to the high rates of mortality and morbidity in the underdeveloped countries.
Key Industry Features
Evidnt helps address Pharmaceutical Supply Chain key traceability requirements.

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Medical Equipment and Testing Kits​

Covid 19 highlighted the supply chain vulnerabilities surrounding medical equipment and testing kits. Driven by regulatory agencies, track and trace requirements around medical devices and testing kits is growing exponentially. Tongadive helps organisation meet these regulatory requirements while providing useful end to end visibility of the product journey.
Key Industry Features

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Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture traceability provides the ability to monitor the movement of a food product and its ingredients through the entire the supply chain, both backward and forward. This involves documenting and linking of processes from production, processing, and distribution chain of food products and ingredients.
Key Industry Features

Tongadive is applying best practices, principles and learnings from the healthcare industry while understanding the uniqueness of food and agriculture supply chain to provide visibility from Farm to Fork.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

Driven by millennials and Gen z, sustainability and ethical fashion is an exponentially growing industry. There are several aspects to sustainable fashion, from ethical sourcing, carbon footprint, natural material to waste reduction and recycling.
Key Industry Features

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Supply Chain is at the heart of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. The ability to stock shelves in super markets with products that are needed by the consumers, when they are needed is the most critical differentiation in a fiercely competitive industry. Trustworthy supply chain visibility helps FMCG businesses with higher margin, better brand value, consumer trust, all while protecting the consumer from buying counterfeit products. Tongadive’s Evidnt does just that, and more.
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